Stages of fears

It’s strange how fears work, isn’t it?

One day you’re sitting and contemplating your worst nightmares and the next day you’re watching it come true.

Stage 1: “It would suck, if the sky fell!”

It starts with a simple thought.

Stage 2: “What if, the sky fell?”

Goes on to, imagining every possible scenario where the situation comes true. This stage triggers my skeptic and I question everything.

Stage 3: “I don’t want the sky to fall.”

This is where the fear really steps in. I become afraid of an outcome (however unlikely).

Stage 4: “I think the sky is going to fall.”

I try to convince yourself that the action is highly plausible.

Stage 5: “I know the sky will fall!”

I have successfully convinced myself that the sky (in this case) is coming for me, all guns blazing.

Stage 6: Waiting for the sky to fall…

The seemingly unending torture I put myself through before it all comes tumbling down.

Stage 7: “I told you, it was going to fall!”

Maybe I wanted the fear to materialise just to be right.


Lesson learnt: I made it happen.


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